Favourite Coloured Contacts Lenses + New Improved Acuvue Define.

Back in the early days when I was young. I had relied on glasses since I was 10, Why ? I never ever thought I would be wearing contact lenses. The idea of putting a silicone disc in your eyes sounded dreadful. (What a suprise! Years later…) I have tried a plethora of contact lenses, and I Love them. Today I am sharing some coloured lenses I quite like : Freshlook Colourblends in Sterling Gray :


With Flash


In Normal Daylight

I can’t really say these are my favourite lenses, I have a few reasons why I don’t like these lenses. But I gotta admit that these look great😀.

Comfort: – Not comfortable. I don’t think these fit my eyes well. Both lens (R+L) keeps on moving every time I look left+right, Also the colored part of the lens is visible when worn😦 . The Lens is thin.

Brand/Variety – Probably the biggest color contact lens brand, since the early 2000s. These are the best selling coloured contact lenses, So In addition, there are many colors to choose from. Great Variety! I’m thinking of hazel next … Also they are easily available worldwide.

Price: – Is quite affordable. Around $16 for a box a pair that will last 1 month. I bought these, as I’ve heard people describe the colour as “icy”, however In contrast, the color intensity was a little bit disappointing, however the shade of gray is nice ( Not the novel/film… :P), looks really good in pictures. I just don’t like these contacts as ALWAYS move in my eyes, and I can’t see well, as I see the grey when I move my eyes. I don’t see myself buying freshlook again😦😦. freshlook-colorblendsThe complete colourblends collections, they have some very nice colours. C2 Similar product to Acuvue Defines. Freshlook have really taken into account how popular these “natural eye enlarging” are in Asia. They look quite nice, Also Yoona from SNSD Promotes these😀😀. Definitely on my wish list, since I have horrid vision.

FreshKon Colors Fusion – Baby Aqua  My very 1st colour contacts, These lenses are definitely my favourite. The colour and pattern is very striking, I really like this shade of blue/green, Its turquoise.

Comfort:  Comfortable. This pair of contacts is very comfortable to wear. The lenses fit my eyes well, and I can wear for a long duration.

Brand/Variety: FreshKon isn’t a worldwide brand yet. But the Brand is based in Singapore, But the lenses are available in stores in South East Asia/ Asia, And available online worldwide. Despite only being a relatively small company compared to Freshlook, they have a wide range of Colours/Patterns. Additionally, They produce lenses that strongly appeal to Asians. With lenses that enlarge eyes, definitely a buzz word in Asia.

Price: Quite affordable: Price is varied, but varies around 12-18USD. I got mine in Jakarta, Indonesia for $11 . Sorry for the bad quality photos, I wore these a long long time ago. At the time I only had my iSight. I really loved everything about these lenses. The color looked great in all lighting, These are Tri-Coloured, and easy to insert in eyes. Also these were very comfy.  As a heavy lens wearer, I can say these are comfier than my monthly lenses and the freshlooks. The Bad ? Not much, but these lenses can look slightly artificial up close. The printed coloured dots are visibly present in the lens case, however, this shouldn’t put you off these contacts. The contacts look natural from a reasonable face-face distance. cf_lenses

There Sparklers Line from Colours Fusion FreshKon. I really like the limbal ring, that was not present in the lens I got. They a constantly reincarnating their contact lenses. From …

ae_lenses Enlarging Contacts Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 20.13.26

To clear contacts. impressive right ? I guess that this really isn’t a big collection.. But Its something to show .😀.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Remember that post I posted the review on the Acuvue Define in Accent. Exiting News from Acuvue, that all New Acuvue Defines are repackaged nicely that gives a premium feel, Whats more exiting is that the lenses are now made with lacreon  – A wetting agent that promises comfier wear. Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 20.33.57 These lenses are modelled by Jun Ji Hyun. Who is a Korean Actress, Korean Actors and Actresses are always Picture perfect like usual. When I go to Gangnam I gotta step up my a game in fashion and learning the language lol. Taken from Acuvue KR Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 20.33.31

The New Lacreon Technology explained. Very impressive right? I The Original acuvue defines were very comfortable, Lets see how these lenses compare to the Original Defines. Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 20.34.15

Comfort: These are instantaneously more comfortable when worn first, Also in comparison to the originals, these are definitely thinner lenses, and they feel extremely moist when placed on the eye. Furthermore, I managed to get a full 15hour wear of these lenses without any discomfort. I am very impressed indeed. They feel very moist also.

Colour/Design: Remained exactly the same as the Originals. I’m glad they’ve kept the signature design.A simple black ring that looks very natural at the same time. I really hate Black Lenses because many of them make me look like a zombie out of a horror film, and looks scary. These are extremely natural, and People sometimes can’t even tell I’m wearing a black lens!


Definitely more premium look. Monochrome is very appealing.



No lens vs With lens. You can see that the right eye is more defined naturally. Not scary/Fake looking at all.


Up close😀

Variety/Brand : Acuvue Contact Lenses are an FDA approved worldwide company. They are best sellers in all contact lenses. I like Acuvue Contact lenses a lot, as their contacts always feel great in my eyes, Since all of their contacts are FDA approved and is safe. Its good to know, these won’t deprive your eyes from Oxygen/Ruin your eyes. Additionally, The Brand mostly sells clear contacts. I believe they had coloured lenses, which are now discontinued😦

Price: For what you get: High quality softlenses, = High Price. Acuvue contacts are generally expensive on the long run, but you get what you pay for, I guess.  These contacts are specifically only sold in Asia, You can buy from aalens.com , They sell all kinds of contacts at great prices also they have good customer service.

Buy here

Also if you prefer clear contacts. Acuvue has a whole range of clear contacts to choose from.


Thanks for reading!

I am almost finished finals week🙂. Next exam is maths. I am very exited as I’m great at maths😀.


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Japanese Technology: My Japanese Smartphone! Yay or Nay..

A lot of people nowadays are avid smartphone users ? Right ? That includes me !

Anyway, My Blackberry Curve 8520, died a year ago! It was my first phone, which was trendy and very functional at the time! Email was amazing, So was SMS-ing people, and also Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, a few other celebrities rocked the amazing trend.

I miss it😦😦

Additionally, I decided to buy a Japanese Smartphone from an online retailer. Why ? I was told their high technologies, and looking at the price, and specs,Also I have an interest in Japanese Culture and Technology. I really thought I was getting a lot for that price. Unfortunately, I was very wrong.. I will explain why. So in this case its a Nay.

Today I will be reviewing my Japanese Smartphone, I purchased from: KYOEX.COM.


Firstly, When It arrived I had to fork an extra $100 for tax, which is stupid, but I paid regardless, as I had no choice.



2) The Screen is extremely fragile. I mean extremely, and very prone to fingerprints

I’ve used this phone for a few months, I’ve treated this Phone like Gold, and kept it in a case, Somehow, One day I noticed a dent and a few scratches. Yeah, I was LIVID!! Goodness, how could this be??? Now, there are many scratches on the phone, and I just used the phone a few months. I think it got scratched by fingernail, imagine Keys? Another issue, I deteste, is how prone the screen is to fingerprints.




Do you see the fingerprints ? My fingers are clean and it just looks and feel cheap😦



See those tiny scratches ? You would never expect an iPhone or HTC or Nokia to have this issue.. .Also in this picture I cleaned this phone…

3) The Original SHARP/ docomo theme is fugly as hell.












In my opinion, I think the layout and theme is so ugly! So Cluttered, extremely Confusing, Cheap-looking, Just look at those horrid oversized icons. Not smart at all. So to resolve this problem, I download a theme from Google Play. How Disappointing . . .



4) Japanese Phones are not loud 


Have you ever considered buying a Japanese Smartphone ? Before you do, All Japanese phones have speakers that are 20-30% Quieter. Even iPhones and Samsungs, I work in a noisy environment, So I do miss my calls sometimes. Some samsungs from Japan are cheaper, but it is worth it ?



5)  Bluetooth is not fully functional. 


With this phone, Transferring files via bluetooth works like a charm, but I own Bose Soundlink Mini which works with my phone, but plays very grainy, I’ve tried everything, no Success.


6) A few camera issues. 

The Camera shoots very clear shots, since its 16Megapixels ! But it overproduced the color, and overcontrasts the brightness, Also the flash is not bright enough -_-.



7) Buying cases/ screen protectors are expensive and the choices are EXTREMELY limited.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 19.55.07

Looking at kyoex.com, $40 just for a cheap silicone case ? Oh please. and thats just the item itself. Also consider shipping, and waiting game… Not worth it at all!

Also where is green? No individuality at all.


Overall in my opinion, Japanese phones may be cheaper in price compared to iPhones or Samsung or HTCs, buying a Japanese phone is like russian roulette, will you like the phone or not? Luckily with Phones available in the US, you can test and try the phone beforehand, but with buying a Japanese Phone, its a gamble.

I prefer Samsungs/iPhones/HTCs. I believe they are better in every aspects.


I just cleaned both phones with a cloth equally. Can You see how clear and beautiful the samsung is on the right ? I am very opinionated, and picky when it comes to smartphones, I expect the best of everything, as they are expensive…


I feel that my SH-01F Feels and looks cheap. The Samsung on the right is gorgeous😀 That fingerprint sensor😀 Clear Winner


I would recommend thinking twice before buying a Japanese Phone, for many reasons.

Is it worth buying a Japanese phone ?

What can it do/over-perform towards Other phones? ect

Do I need to buy a phone from Japan?


I say Nay!

There are so much better smartphones out there locally, which are better in every aspects, I’m open to other opinions about Japanese tech. If you like it… Great ! Good for you !

But I am very disappointed with Japanese Phones so far, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another one in the future at all. I think what I read about it being ahead of any other phones in the world is just talk….


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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

Happy new year everybody! I hope everyone has had a great year with full of surprises, joy and happiness!

This year I hope everybody can have a fabulous year with happiness, joy, gatherings and many more!

I currently have no new years resolution yet, but… I’ll find out what I’ll wish for ! I like to think a new year is going to be a fresh start. Leaving the old behind and starting fresh;)

All I know is that 2015 is going to be a tough year as I am studying very hard in school… As much school/work is stressful, I always find ways to reduce stress and to be happy😀

Happy new year everyone!
Let’s celebrate together and make it a fresh start!


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Tomomi Itano – SxWxAxG – Album Unboxing

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas !

Sorry everyone I have been away for so long. Just recently Finals week in My school has ended, and I’m mentally exhausted from all the exams. Luckily, Finals week has ended, and I am SO happy! ! ! !  Words can’t describe how I am so thankful that the exams are over. Kekeke, I had many exams in just 1 day. Woah .. . . .

Christmas has came early, for me at least. From Japan, Here I bring you an album that arrived in the post fresh from Japan🙂

Tomomi Itano – SxWxAxG  (Limited Edition) –



As You can see the Cover, Is very colourful😀. Of course there is a sticker on the corner promoting the album, and its wrapped extremely tightly with the plastic wrap. I am so careful when putting the album in the wrap, in case if I rip it. The Packaging is perfect! Like many Japanese Albums, they are wrapped like this. I treat my Japanese albums like gold btw.


It comes with a bonus photo book, and the album falls apart nicely. Meanwhile, lets see whats inside🙂


SxWxAxG includes the CD, and DVD (Reigon 2), I love how the colourful the album and discs are. Somewhat very different to Dear J. The CD and DVD feel very new😀 I purchased this album from eBay.


Of course, as a standard for all Japanese albums, Its perfectly normal to find a lyrics booklet included, as you see from the picture😀 Also there is a pamphlet for her Fan club, Very useless as I don’t understand the leaflet😦. Anyone understand Japanese?

I am very impressed with everything so far. As for the print quality, Sometimes I’ve bought CD’s with booklets with crazy printing errors, but Japanese albums are generally excellent quality, but also Expensive… Fudge …

Lets take a look at the booklet:


Again, a very colourful booklet😀😀. Tomomi Itano’s Songs, include a lot of english. I’m sure that is great for any English Speaking tomomi fan.

Pictures Taken from her photo book:



Woww.. Her fashion definitely reminds me of k-pop style fashion😀 ! I feel that she is definitely taking a different a approach to her solo career, compared other other AKB48 members such as Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi (list goes on…) I like it😀

Please note that Japanese albums are really expensive😦😦. I bought this for around US$47, just for the album. But, I think its worth it. As for the songs, I like a few songs, and there are a few songs which I am particularly fond of. Everybody has different music tastes😀


That wraps up, my unboxing pictures. What do you think of her new album ?

Thanks for reading !!! and Merry Christmas

A nice addition to my Album collection, mostly J-pop, and western music😀




Update: Currently, I am waiting for:

Brown Eyed Girls – Special Moments from eBay

AKB48 – Pajama Drive Studio Recordings from eBay

AKB48 – Boku No Taiyou Studio Recordings from eBay (Am I addicted to eBay XO)

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Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil

Hey, Everyone ! Yes , you are talking to the same person. I normally don’t do reviews like this, but since I spent a lot of money on some products, I guess I could make a product review on this ^^

Ever since, I had really teribble terrible acne, my days I looked like a friggin tomato(lol..) But Since then I have taken really good care of my skin😀 Result ? Instantaneous results ! Here I am going to review:


Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil


As you can see the product is in a big bottle (170ml), with a brown sticker. I love the vintage feel with this package. Also I am big fan with the pump dispenser, Its very hygienic and I like the pump stopper. Say goodbye to annoying leaks when travelling!


This Product Promises to Get rid of the toughest of makeup. While softening skin😀 btw. I wear a little bit of BB Cream since the one I am using (Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell BB Cream) I Only wear BB cream because it can act like a sunblock and can hide redness. But because BB Cream is for mainly cosmetic-uses, It needs to be removed at the end of the day.




The Back of the product, Korean Instruction (I’m guessing), also English Instructions. This product didn’t come with a box, I like having a box with my products, I know its new, but This item feels and looks real🙂 As you can see in the bottom right, you can pull to see ingredients:DSC_0876

  Mineral Oil!!! – Do you see that ?!?!?! I know this is quite a debatable ingredient thats used in many products. What do you think ?





Alcohol – Oh god.. Known to dry skin.. So far using this product, its made my skin soft, not dry. I would love your opinion.















The Consistency


Feels just like oil, not for cooking lol. For your face.

When you massage this onto your face, It instantly dissolves your makeup, BB Cream, Sunscreen ect, Leaving your face look you’ve just fried eggs lol.

As soon as you rinse it off. It really makes your face feel soft😀 and squeaky clean! Its a cleansing oil, So After you will need to use a cleansing gel/milk/foam.

Pros +

+ Gets rid of makeup

+ Leaves Skin soft and moist!

+ Nice, Hygienic Package

+ Reasonably Prices

+ With item, I got free samples!

Cons –

– Some Questionable Ingredients

Overall, This product is great for anyone who wants to remove makeup! Also When ordering from Korea, You will get a plethora of free samples, depending on the value on your order! How rewarding !😀😀😀

Thanks for reading, I shall review more skincare stuff for your entertainment😀

Bye everybody!

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JKT48 – Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja ? (Yuuhi Wo Miteruka?) – Review

This Review is going to be about JKT48’s Single (2013) Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja ? (Yuuhi Wo Miteruka?) CD Single.

This is officially my favourite JKT48’s single !

Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja ? ( Yuuhi Wo Miteruka?) – CD Single (CD+DVD)



I have a lot to say about the album cover🙂 I really love the outfits the members are all wearing, Shinta Naomi looks (Top Right) She is so beautiful in this picture😀, However, I really don’t like the colour of the album… Caramel Orange ? Ew… Reminds me of mustard lol. But regardless of the cover, this is my favourite JKT48 single! Also the lettering is interesting too🙂 What do you think ?

By the way : Excuse the horrible lighting, This is late at night😦 School is trying to kill me with homework lol. joking. Onwards!

Track Listing: 


1. Apakah Kau Melihat Mentari Senja ?

2. Cahaya Panjang (Nagai Hikari)

3. 1! 2! 3! 4! Yorishiku

4. Viva Hurricane!

Also Includes the DVD list, Which is pointless…. (for me) I LOVe the track listing, Every song in this single is my favourite song of JKT48! Hahaha, I love all the tracks, I have nothing to dislike them about😀😀😀

Additionally, If you’ve listened to any song on YouTube with JKT48, The Quality is terrible😦 But with the Original CD, The Sound Quality is pristine, Identical towards the Japanese version with AKB48.


With this single, you get a bonus photo card! I got Haruka (again!), I love Haruka! So funny ! Lucu Banget😀 Yaay!

The CD


The DVD is identical to the CD

The DVD did not work !!!😦 When I checked online the details about the album, One person selling this album on eBay, stated its region-free.

I was like HOLLAA!!! But When I went to insert the DVD in England, the DVD player said it could not be recognised. I even tried with my iMac (which is encoded with region 3 DVD’s) did not work either😦 It didn’t even read the DVD and just ejected automatically ! Disappointing, but I still really like the album !

Lyric Booklet:


Team KIII! Wooow! Cantik😀 Pretty😀


Team J: With of course the center (Obviously)

The Packaging 

The Packaging for this album was not so good with this CD single, When I opened the CD Seal, The CD Holder, was broken, and plastic bits were everywhere, So I have to be very careful when opening the CD/DVD. Not so good for packaging

Where Can I buy ?

If you don’t live in Indonesia, you can buy this CD single from eBay or iTunes Indonesia. If your a JKT48 fan, I strongly recommend you buy the original CD, Since Indonesian music is heavily pirated😦😦 and Bad Quality, If you live in Indonesia, you can buy in most Original CD Shops, I got mine from Paris Van Java, Bandung🙂


In Indonesia, This CD retails for only 80,000Rp, Thats Only £4 or US$6! Which is very inexpensive, compared to AKB48’s albums, Japanese albums are always expensive to buy😦 But this single, was a fraction of the price🙂 But the quality was exceptional ! (apart from the broken cd holder)

This Wraps up my 2nd JKT48 Review, I have another one coming up soon, but I will release it when I have no more homework left and revision left I’m so stressed with homework and school😦😦 Its crazy !

Thanks for reading!

Check out my Heavy Rotation Review! : Here

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JKT48 – Heavy Rotation Review

Ever since, JKT48 debuted in what 2011 ? As the first international sister group of AKB48, Instantly, I had to buy their albums. So Heres My review for Heavy Rotation ! Also this album is very notable to being its first for JKT48

Heavy Rotation (Type A) CD+DVD


Top and Middle Row: Left to Right: Shania Junianatha, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, Aki Takajo, Haruka Nagakawa, Beby Chaesara Anadila,Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Rena Nozawa, Stella Cornelia, Devi Kinal Putri, Jessica Veranda.

Bottom Row: Ayana Shahbab, Cindy Gulla

I have to Say I really like the album cover, Its very vibrant. The White version only comes with a CD, but this version comes with a DVD, (which is pointless for me, Revealed later)







All the other members, I was expecting some sort of DVD information like Region Number/Widescreen details, but it was not included😦  That green thing is a little annoying.  Also It includes the Indonesian translation.

Closer Look:









With this Album, you get bonus photo card, and a handshake ticket, and a sample CD request. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive, of who will I get with the photo card, but I got Haruka!!!!!! Yay ! She’s awesome.

One weird thing about this album, Once you open this album, you can really smell something -_-. Its a not a bad smell, but it smells very new😀 I quite like it, I guess.

My favourite song is: Kimi No Goto Suki Dakara, Oogoe Diamond  .  .. . . . . But I like every single song on this album!






The CD included, If you’ve downloaded free/listened to JKT48 online, you’ve might have noticed how bad quality the songs are, but with this album the songs sounds identical to AKB’s songs. Very good quality songs😀  So far so good!










The DVD did not work !!!😦 When I checked online the details about the album, One person selling this album on eBay, stated its region-free.

I was like HOLLAA!!! But When I went to insert the DVD in England, the DVD player said it could not be recognised. I even tried with my iMac (which is encoded with region 3 DVD’s) did not work either😦 It didn’t even read the DVD and just ejected automatically ! Disappointing, but I still really like the album !


The Packaging 

The Packaging for this album is really good, The CD and DVD actually took strength to get out! So you have to be careful when taking it out. It came with a seal when its in stores😀


Where Can I buy ?

If you don’t live in Indonesia, You can buy this album from eBay. I bought this album in Indonesia btw.


In Indonesia, This retails for 99,000Rp. Thats 8USD! Very inexpensive compared to Japanese albums, which I think are overpriced sometimes.

But You can decide for yourself🙂


That Wraps up my review for this album! I hope this has been helpful for you ! See ya !


More JKT48 Reviews on the way! Stay Tuned


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